Nobody Wins

Nobody Wins


    Acrylic on Canvas


    Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Framing on request.

  • Unique code to access augmented reality experience.


    81 x 50cm

  • Delivery and collection to be agreed after sale concluded

  • If artwork is not collected in person, postage is covered by the buyer

  • Description

    In part four we explored the fallout of the previous episode. The black background serves to remind us of the tragedy of cheating lovers and failing relationships. The problem when something like this happens is you've got other people involved who get hurt. Primarily you've got the three main rectangular structures which are the two cheating lovers and the other partner. This is represented by all the other different elements in the piece. The circle

     hollowed out of the shape represents the erosion in the relationship. The triangle represents the deviation of the separation of the characters