Hera Presides

Hera Presides


    Acrylic on Canvas


    Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Framing on request.



  • Delivery and collection to be agreed after sale concluded

  • If artwork is not collected in person, postage is covered by the buyer

  • Description

    This is the final piece of the Mythos series in this style and what not better way to wrap it up with the Queen of the gods herself, Hera. The artist used a colour palette inspired by the peacock, which is the creature associated with the goddess. You get a nice deep teal background, which is highly textured contrasting with the copper elements, the aqua-green and also the violet. The choice of painting the violet and the aqua green in that way was to replicate the patterns present on the peacock feather. In terms of the geometric shapes, he wanted to create something monumental and majestic which is why it's a less dynamic piece when compared to others in the series. The structure is meant to represent Hera sitting on the throne, presiding over the pantheon of gods, emanating power and respect.